Win More Than Three Times on the Famous Cash 3 Promotions!

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The most exciting lottery game is already in town. Cash 3 has successfully caught the attention of many Georgia residents and are now finding them very much addicted with this fun and exciting lottery game. They have already said goodbye to the traditional lottery as only a few people can win leaving more people very much frustrated. With the different cash 3 promotions, there are possibly more winners as compared with the conventional lottery game.

How do you win on this game? There are different ways to earn cash on this game.
You can play it straight. The first type of game you can earn from this lottery is to play it as is. Since the game involves only three digits that can be repeating, you can choose to play the lottery by betting on the exact combinations on the draw. 412 should be appearing as 412 on your game card, too. If you get the numbers and the combinations right, you’ll get either a $250 or $500 prize. The amount of prize that you get will depend on the bet that you have spent to join the game.

One of the most addictive cash 3 promotions is the box option. In this option, you will be allowed to win by only guessing the possible numbers that can show up during the draw. For example, if the draw produces a 624 combination and you placed a 622 bet, you still win on the box 3-way option! If you got a 642, you still win! The gist is if your number appears on the combo, you still get the prize. It’s so easy. It’s so addictive. It’s fun!

Another great game you can play on this lottery is the pair combo. All you need to be is to get the pairs right either appearing at the beginning (front pair) or at the end (back pair) of the draw result. An example can be taken from a draw that results to a 315 result. If your bet is 316, then you win since you got the “front pair” option right. If you had 715, you win since you got the “back pair” right. The game has made all sorts of possibilities enabling you to get cash in return!

It is not the usual lottery you are very much familiar with. The prizes at stake may not wow you at the onset but are guarantees that more people can actually earn from it. Also, it does not require skyrocketing bets. Only small amounts are needed to join the game. You spend less but earn more, isn’t this more profitable for you? There are more promotions that were not mentioned on this article like the combo and the straight-box payout promos. The different schemes laid out by the game to make sure more people earn as compared with the usual lotteries have convinced more people to join this game and has in fact made hundreds to thousands of people earn day-by-day.